10 Best Kept Secrets of Real Estate Agents to Sell Your Home Faster

10 Best Kept Secrets of Real Estate Agents to Sell Your Home Faster

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Real estate agents are there for a reason. As far as home buying and selling is concerned, experience comes in handy. Agents have the know how to make things move faster. So, do they have some secrets that help them achieve successful home selling deals? Yes, they do! Here are 10 secrets that every real estate agent wants under wraps.

Secret #1

The Right Price – Analyze the current value of your home and then knock down the selling price by 10 percent from this value. You will see hordes of people lining up for your open house event. Once they come, they will bid up the price and you will end with more than your house’s current value. Most people do the opposite when they price the home upwards of the present value.

Secret #2

Glass Half Empty – Buyers love to open closets and cabinets during open house. Be sure that your closets are half filled with stuff and neatly organized. The viewer gets a feeling that there is ample space to store things. Let them snoop and visualize space for their stuff.

Secret #3

Lighting – Increase the amount of light entering your home. Organize the lampshades, open window treatments/drapes if any, over windows to create a light filled space. If possible, use lights of higher wattage. In case there are bushes/plants in front of windows, trim them down. Make the home cheery and bright.

Secret #4

The Right Broker – Working with the wrong broker means setting yourself up for failure. A well informed broker keeps pace with technology, is informed of the latest prices and knows current neighborhood prices. A tech savvy broker ensures your home finds buyers faster.

Secret #5

Keep Pets Away – Not everyone who walks in for open house would love to see your pet on the floor. Buyers want to visualize the space without any cat food bowls. Yes, there are pet lovers, but don’t take chances. Keep the cuddling for later. Pet hair or cat litter box gives an impression of an unclean home. It’s best to keep pets in the garden or away from the property during open house.

Secret #6

Avoid Unnecessary Upgrading – It’s necessary to undertake some quick fixes before selling. But don’t overdo it. Mammoth renovations won’t do you any good. Instead, they will only lower your margin from the sale. Stick to small updates like wall painting, faucet replacement, grout cleaning, cabinet repairs etc.

Secret #7

De-personalize Your Home – When on sale, your home becomes a house. Remove the memories, personal stuff from your home. The less buyers see it as your home, the better. Remove at least a third of your belongings from direct vision.

Secret #8

Kitchen Takes Center Stage – Kitchen is the showcase of any home. People love exploring kitchens in great detail before buying and that’s how important it is. Kitchen is one place where you put your most money during remodeling. You will likely be rewarded well during the sale process. Some new cabinets, plumbing overhaul, appliance setup and new hood will likely increase the home price.

Secret #9

Always Be Ready – A potential buyer can come in any time. So, once you put your home for sale, always be ready to show it in full glory. Try to be available at all times especially, if you have organized an open house. Keep the place clean and show ready.

Secret #10

Home Staging – Buyers judge any property with the looks. So, consider home staging whether personally or professionally. There is no second chance to make a good first impression. Buyers should feel welcome and warm once they enter. Arrange furniture, use the corners well, bright up the entryways and maintain the lawn.

Prathibha Kokkalera

Revive Property Group



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