2016’s Hottest Ways to Attract Real Estate Clients

2016’s Hottest Ways to Attract Real Estate Clients

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Real estate agents are always looking to attract clients. Some decades ago, a telephone would do the trick. But with advent of social media, things are getting complex. Dollars now don’t deliver the same value for money. And it’s not just about spending money either. You need creative ways to remain competitive. Here are some new ways to generate leads and run a successful marketing campaign.

Renovate Your Blog

If you are running a blog that looks like its 2000’s again, its time to renovate. Shake it up. Agents are running too many blogs. A topic comes up and everyone seems to have an opinion. Try to stand out and be the one who creates topics rather than follow the herd. Don’t be afraid to disrupt the trend. Go for detailed articles upwards of 2,000 or 3,000 words as they command authority. Add video or other dynamic content. Integrate social media and give freebies to users. Also, change the design elements to be more in sync with the times.

Don’t Oversell – Keep it Real

Overwhelming sales tactics seldom deliver results. Don’t push clients into buying and understand their space. If your sales pitches are not converting into sales, try opposite approach. People appreciate an honest opinion. Never over promise. Be always transparent with expenses, potential issues and real data. Be real and people will love you for it.

Cut Back Online Time

Spend more time offline and meet up people. Dedicate suitable time to online marketing. Start a real marketing campaign like bench ads or billboards. Excessive social media campaigning can have negative impact. Keep it regulated and distribute your time amongst each marketing campaigns equally.

Partnerships Matter

Be always open to lucrative partnerships. Look for people in your industry who share you thinking. Partners can bring in valuable experience and strategies. With the right people by your side, you can create the buzz you need to close deals.

Alternative Networking

Not everything works the same for every agent. Traditional marketing doesn’t always help close the deals. Try something different! Try homebuyer expos, mortgage events or casual dinners. You can create your own events and customize it to try a unique approach. Personalized events are more likely to result in more business cards.

Reverse Marketing

Make people call you by trying some reverse marketing. For example, FSBO’s attract quick exposure. Let local agents discover your house prior to clients. You can also partner with other agents to create shared listings that benefit everyone.

Spruce up Exclusivity

Now, this may not always work but raising the bar can have surprising results. Exclusive deals or slightly higher pricing can bring in more phone calls. If the market timing is right, you can certainly reach more clients. Moreover, exclusivity gets you in touch with more real clients who are looking to take action.

Doing things differently takes courage. Agents who get more leads discover things other haven’t. To be a star in your local real estate market, start thinking outside the box.

Uthaiah Kokkalera

Revive Property Group




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