6 Interior Design Hacks To Make Your Home Envy of the Neighborhood

6 Interior Design Hacks To Make Your Home Envy of the Neighborhood

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If you want to make your home the envy of the neighborhood, there is an old adage that you have to know – ‘Home is where the heart is’. We all want our homes to reflect our personalities and look like a million bucks. Whether you have just moved in to a new house or want to spruce up your existing space, there are various budget-friendly interior design tricks that can help you transform your home like a Pro.

Remember, beautifying your home doesn’t always mean bright paints, expensive decors and heavy furniture. Sometimes, the smallest things like a mirror, a lamp or a subtle painting can make the greatest impact. Go through these home décor hacks to add warmth and personal touch to your living space.

 Add soft and subtle colors to smaller rooms to increase sense of space.

Everyone wants to maximize their living space. But unfortunately, a small room has the tendency to look cluttered that makes it look even smaller. However, by keeping the wall color soft, subtle and ample use of mirrors can create an illusion of more space. Larger windows can also make a great difference, offering a pleasant and natural light for your home.

Just mix it up all – patterns, textures, and everything else.

Yes, just mix it up. There is nothing wrong in hanging an antique painting behind your Italian style sofa set. All good interior designers emphasis on decorating your home according to your personality and style. Everything that you have in your home has a story. Don’t hesitate to place your family’s heirlooms alongside your elegant couch. Different colored furniture, rugs, patterns; all these things can add warmth to your living space.

Slipcovers are worth spending your money on.

There is no denying that slipcovers have a bad rap, but if you see the other side, they can be simply awesome. They can help you transform the looks of your furniture within a few minutes. Add sophisticated look to your home without having to worry about children spilling on or dirtying your furniture. Refresh your existing furniture in a snap with comfortable and elegant slip covers.

Go green.

If you love nature, consider adding plants to your living space. Plants are the most cost-effective means to add color, texture and elegance to your space. Not only they are beautiful and soothing, but also absorb pollutants and render fresh oxygen.

Hanging potholder is a must in the kitchen.

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. You spend most of your time there, so it makes sense to keep it warm and inviting. A hanging pot rack would be a great investment in terms of style and usefulness. They are available in different styles and sizes and would render additional cupboard space to store other items. This is one simple and inexpensive hack to accessorize your kitchen.

Soften your hardwood floors with rugs

Hardwood floors are amazing, but lack comfort especially in winter. In order to add comfort, color, functionality and great texture, you can add area rugs to your living space. Change the tones and fabric of the rugs according to the season. Play with different pattern, color and fabric to add the ‘wow factor’ to your room.

Hopefully, these interior design hacks would inspire you to create a perfect home for yourself that is comfortable and stylish both at the same time.

Prathibha Kokkalera

Revive Property Group



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