The 7 Golden Rules to Successful Home Staging

The 7 Golden Rules to Successful Home Staging

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  1. Disconnect Emotionally – Think like a Seller

Every homeowner is emotionally attached to his home – that’s inevitable. However, when you are selling your home, it’s just a house. Try to emotionally disconnect from your home and think like a seller. By doing so, you will be able to see the shortcomings and eliminate them. Most people struggle here, since they try to showcase their home’s ingenious image, which may not be to everyone’s taste. Just ask yourself, “If I have to buy this house right now, will I put my money on it?” Once you have made up your mind to sell, treat it like just another property.

  1. Prepare for the Most Likely Buyers

Know the true value of your home before putting up the ‘For Sale’ sign. This can be done with a home inspection, neighborhood prices or through a real estate agent. Once you know the value, it will help you identify the target customers and narrow down potential buyers. There is no need to spend unnecessarily on home improvement, if you are targeting a budget category. Organize an ‘Open House’ for only targeted buyers to close the deal quickly.

  1. Be Realistic – Remain Motivated

Ask yourself, “What’s in store for me?” “What are your reasons for selling your property?” For example, if you are a senior who is downsizing, you need to look at possible savings for your future healthcare needs. Or, if you are selling to invest in a second home, the sale has to be approached differently. Being realistic with your goals will help you draft an action plan. Being motivated to achieve your goals will further help you to sell the house faster.

  1. De-clutter your Home

Possessions, memories, furniture etc all make up for most the stuff in every home. Yes, they are important to you, but they have no relevance to the potential buyer. It is highly recommended that you stow away your belongings, photos, collections and personal possessions during the open house. Also, arrange the furniture appropriately to give a sense of space. The buyers are here to see your home and not your belongings. Your pictures should not give them a feeling that they are in someone else’s home. They should envision themselves living in your home in the near future. It’s absolutely essential that they connect to the house.

  1. Clean thoroughly

Cleaning the interiors and exteriors is vital. Painting the walls, adding new carpeting in the rooms or polishing the floors are some minor cleaning tasks. A clean house give the vibe that owners have maintained the home well. This may help you achieve your targeted sale price.

  1. Repair and Remodel

If your home is old, some repair and remodeling may be required. Now, here you should not go overboard in the luxury territory. The buyers should not see your home as an ‘under construction’ property. Fix the small things like plumbing, flooring, new carpet, countertops driveway, electrical fixtures etc. All the mechanical parts should be functional, especially the garage door.

  1. Neutral Color Scheme

Try to appeal to as many buyers as you can with a neutral color scheme. Keep your personal preferences aside and think from a buyer’s point of view. Most people prefer a subtle color tone that covers a broader appeal. Do not play with too many colors and avoid excess whites as well. Arrange the furniture as per the color scheme in the rooms.

Prathibha Kokkalera

Revive Property Group

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