7 Reasons Why Los Angeles will Remain An Eternal Gem in California Real Estate

7 Reasons Why Los Angeles will Remain An Eternal Gem in California Real Estate

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Los Angeles real estate was and always will be the gem in California real estate. And there are reasons to back up this claim even in 2016. When you sum up the qualities that make this city special, the reasons can be plentiful. So here are 7 reasons why LA property market is equivalent to London’s Hyde Park.

  1. Adventure Beckons – Allure of the ‘West’ was redefined by Los Angeles. The city is always ready for an adventure. There is a whole range of outdoor and indoor pursuits for people of all ages. From the Sunset Strip clubs to Beverly Hills, the city has unlimited options for the adventurer in you. The possibilities are endless.
  2. It’s All About the Neighbors – It’s the people that make this city vibrant. All the glitz and glamour of Hollywood makes it a hot spot for the stars. Whether it is Beverly Hills or the Mulholland Drive, paparazzi shows that you are among the stars. On your average walk, you will find television stars to the biggest Hollywood celebrities.
  3. Architecture – Being a global melting pot, you know people from many cultures have settled in LA. Naturally, the architecture is as varied as it can get. There are beautiful Spanish Haciendas and modern architectural marvels all in the same neighborhood. Every locality is immersed in the beauty of amazing Los Angeles landscape. Home buyers will be astonished by so many types of housing choices. World-renowned architects call this place home and have made sure that they leave their legacy here as well.
  4. Fitness – Los Angeles is a city where you find all these beautiful faces on the streets. And they do work hard to maintain their pristine health. The city has a predominant health cuture ingrained into the lifestyle. From Runyon Canyons hiking trip to the local gym, the fitness industry is huge in Los Angeles.
  5. Lifestyle – Los Angeles is the pinnacle of fine dining and shopping. From its upscale shopping (Rodeo Drive) to the average malls, the lifestyle scene is simply marvelous. Being a glamorous destination filled with world-class brands and leading restaurant chains. LACMA, The Getty museum, and many other points of interest add to the charm of the city.
  6. Value – Where else does property market remain stable even in turbulent times. When the world was going through the rough patch, Los Angeles luxury market was resilient. The city has also maintained a robust housing market growth despite the stagnant home prices scenario elsewhere in the country. Owning a home in L.A. can be a smart move if you are looking to preserve your wealth. Sophisticated communities in the well-off neighborhoods have high-end properties which are nothing short of gold.
  7. Weather – It’s the sunshine state! Los Angeles promises you a bright sunny day most times of the year with optimum temperatures. Whether you are walking on Venice Beach or running for a meeting, the weather will uplift your mood wherever you go.

If you are still not convinced about buying a house in Los Angeles, simply fix an appointment with your real estate agent and a change of heart is guaranteed!

Uthaiah Kokkalera

Revive Property Group



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