How Great Home Photography Helps Close Deals

How Great Home Photography Helps Close Deals

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A picture is worth a thousand words. And this saying is truer in case of real estate listings. Photography is an underrated element of real estate listings. It doesn’t get much attention as say social media or billboards. Yet, it has the potential to get salivated buyers calling you to show then the home.

A Powerful Selling Tool

Amazing photography has the power to transform simple view into an idealistic setting. When done right, the right pictures have the potential to attract the right set of buyers. No matter how good looking a home is, if photographs don’t show it, it won’t be selling anytime soon. Bright, well-lit photographs attract attention from potential buyers. That’s how they will schedule an appointment.

Here’s how you can make the most out of photography:

  • Show What’s Important – Listing pictures must only include those pictures of your home that showcase the best elements. Attractive rooms, beautiful elements etc. should be shown in good light. Show the warm kitchen or squeaky-clean washrooms in well-lit photos. Anything that requires renovation should be avoided in the pictures.
  • Focus on Architecture – Pictures should clearly show the basic architecture of your home. Don’t put too much emphasis on the décor. Capture the architecture in such a way that all the interior and exterior elements blend together. For example, while taking pictures of large windows make sure that outside view comes inside clearly. Or a fireplace should be pictured with snow on the outside.
  • Capture the Flooring – Stand at the farthest corner of a room and ensure that maximum flooring is covered in the picture. Rooms appear larger when you include more flooring in the photos. Remove carpets and rugs to better visualize flooring. The more square footage people see, the more they think they are getting or their money.
  • Day Pictures Work the Best – Daylight brings natural light into the home. Its this warm glow that people love in their homes. Take pictures when there is ample lighting in every room be it kitchen, living room or master bedroom. Doors and windows must be open to ensure all the light is captured well in pictures. Turn on the lights if the room’s features are not showcased well with natural light. Buyers watch brighter photographs in more detail compared to poorly lit ones.
  • Professional Staging – Empty rooms may show more square footage but it is a two-way sword. Add some homely elements that bring warmth to the viewer’s eyes. This sense of homeliness and intimacy will make buyers see the real thing.

Unconventional pictures also seem to work best. Traditional entry-from-front-door pictures sometimes don’t convey the real architectural message. So, arrange the chairs in the front yard, open the French doors, light up the lamp to set the mood right. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the pictures.

Give due emphasis to photography while selling your home. Successful real estate agents know what a good photograph is worth.

Prathibha Kokkalera

Revive Property Group

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