How to Achieve the Perfect Real Estate Marketing Budget

How to Achieve the Perfect Real Estate Marketing Budget

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Real estate marketing demands a dedicated budget – whether undertaken by an agent or self. Failing to invest in property marketing means you are setting yourself up for failure. But how much is too much? How should the budget be used? Here is a guide to marketing budget for selling your home.

Frivolity or Frugality – Choose your Side

The spectrum of real estate marketing includes both the frugal people and the frivolous ones. Large companies blow tons of dollars on the marketing which sometimes runs into losses over an annual basis. Then there are frugal real estate agents who only use free online portals that don’t deliver any results. It seems pinching every penny won’t land you success soon.

It wise to start with a budget that is relevant to the property itself. There is no point in spending tons of money on marketing a small home in the budget category. Investing the right proportion of money in marketing will only help real estate agents increase their income. Every home seller, agent or self, should work with a pragmatic budget.

Maintaining presence in the market involves spending. Business leads are generated once you are on good paid housing platforms. Avoid expensive ones since their return-on-investment is usually not worth it. Be present on the popular portals, forums, events and shows to properly advertise your portfolio.

Maximizing Potential of a Limited Budget

Here are three factors behind the success of famous real estate professionals.

  • They make investments in prudent marketing not unnecessary spending
  • They move smart money into marketing the quick selling properties
  • They know the value of marketing in relation to their property portfolio

Most successful property agents are ones who ‘give back’. Their marketing budgets actually aim to spend on the people, shareholders and the community in general. This figure can represent good content, home staging etc. The more investments you make in high quality marketing, the more you will be rewarded back. Don’t consider it an expense but rather an investment.

Calculating Property Marketing Budget

Consider these three factors while deciding the real estate marketing spending:

  • A fixed amount from the monthly revenues
  • Amount should be directly proportional to intrinsic value of the property
  • Evaluate potential results in relation to the marketing budget

Using Various Channels for Marketing

Putting yourself into prospect’s shoes delivers maximum returns. And how are you going to do that? By following the trends, of course. Marketing a property today is much different today than it was a decade ago. Most real estate agents today maintain a blog, website or direct mobile applications. It is prudent to invest in technology to achieve your marketing goals.

A well maintained website, blog or email campaign can deliver explosive returns. Regularly updated content creates authority and authority helps sales. Organizing well-planned open houses or being present at real estate shows helps matter further. Remember, investing in your image is crucial for long term success.

Branding it Right

People who make themselves into a brand reap the biggest profits. When you command presence, you are more likely to be heard more. And that doesn’t necessarily mean spending tons of dollars. Just a few consistent dollars into brand building helps in the long run. Find ways that boost your marketing efforts within your current budget. A few technological tweaks into your sales strategy can pay off real good.

The right real estate marketing budget is integral to your success. Add these tips to your strategy dough and bake a property marketing pie that works just as you intend it to.

Prathibha Kokkalera

Revive Property Group

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