Most Common Interior Design Trends That Spoil Home Sales

Most Common Interior Design Trends That Spoil Home Sales

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Personality of owner defines a home’s interior design. Everyone wants their home to look its best, especially when put up for sale. Design trends dictates by magazines and TV shows usually rule the roost. However, following trends blindly, or ignoring them all together, can backfire once you are out selling your home. A bold design language can put off most buyers.

Here’s how some individualistic touches can spoil a home selling process.

Bold Wall Paints

Designers may want to go with a bright yellow or black for the walls to accentuate a modern design language. The reality, however, is that most people love neutral colors. Most people don’t want to make a bold style statement through wall colors. Try to appease more buyers with simpler color choices.


Graphic intensive wallpapers are making inroads into the home interior design realm. Bold patterns are often seen in many homes. If potential buyer does not like it, they are looking at a time consuming process of removing the wallpaper. Consider simple shades with neutral hues to appeal to a broader range of buyers.

Luxurious Light Fixtures

Showpiece light fixtures certainly help make an instant statement. Potential buyers love bright and airy rooms. But lighting is often challenging to undertake. Don’t go for excessively ornate light fixtures that do not blend with rest of the architecture.

Converted Garages

Neighborhoods where there’s ample parking space, people often convert the garages to serve other purposes. Garages converted into gym or music rooms are common examples. However, a buyer should see it just like its meant to be – a space for parking cars. They should see it as something to be renovated once they buy a home.

Converted Rooms

Just like the garages, converted rooms also put off buyers. If you have converted a room, restore it to its original purpose. For example, a game room or home office should be converted back to its rightful purpose.


Carpets are not to everyone’s taste. Interior decorators often love to experiment with various textures or materials. It has been noted the most people prefer hardwood floors. Unclean used carpets often reflect germs, dirt, dust and odors. Either they will throw out the old carpets or simply steer clear of home with old carpets. Plain hardwood floors gives them the option to install a carpet of their own choice.

Crowded Landscaping

Large front yards or backyards are often littered with unnecessary landscaping accessories. For example, too many flower pots, many plants, unmaintained porches etc. make up for a crowded living space. Overly landscaped properties often hide higher maintenance costs. A nicely organized outdoor space reflects harmony, simplicity and low maintenance costs.

Hot Tubs and Pools

Pools should be added to a home after considering all the relevant costs, architecture and suitability. Most buyers in the budget category consider pools to be a luxurious feature. It demands constant maintenance in different seasons. Families with children consider them safety hazards. They are often hot spots for bacteria. The same goes for hot tubs. Try not to include a pool in your home renovation plans.

When you are selling your home, its best to think from a buyer’s perspective. Individual touches should be kept at a minimum. The idea is to let people visualize the space as their future home. A lot of personal touches won’t allow them the same.

Prathibha Kokkalera

Revive Property Group

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