Not Everyone Loves Kanye’s Huge Pool – Smart Real Estate Agents Play it Safe with Swimming Pools

Not Everyone Loves Kanye’s Huge Pool – Smart Real Estate Agents Play it Safe with Swimming Pools

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The Kardashians have always being about “larger than life” – even if its not always in the right taste. With Kanye, things are getting bigger. The rapper recently announced that he is constructing a ‘Lake-size’ pool in his Hidden Hills, California home that will dwarf anything people know about swimming pools.

Now every real estate agent worth his salt know that pools aren’t the best value addition in a home. Pools demand attention, time and investments. And not everyone is willing to devote so much for few summer splashes. Unlike the rapper, most real estate agents know that selling a home with a large pool can be tough. But when you are around $53 million in debt, a large pool is the least of your worries.

Why Swimming Pools Deter Potential Buyers

Swimming pools, like many other luxury features, are not loved by everyone. They are an eyesore in the budget category home where usable space is otherwise wasted on pool or large decks. Even in larger homes, potential buyers frown over its maintenance and repair costs.

No Value for Money Returns

Ask any home renovator or agent and they will unanimously agree that pools don’t deliver the dollar returns you expect them to. Pools are more of a personal touch to your home rather than a genuine home value addition. They can be money pits if not done in the right manner. However, that’s not to say pools should be downright avoided.

How to Benefit from Pools

Unlike Kardashians and West’s, we mere mortals should take a deep look while investing in pools. When selling or renovating, keep a regulated approach towards pools.

  1. Luxury properties – Pools are a good addition for luxury homes. High-end properties commanding $2 million or up can certainly benefit from a beautiful pool. On budget properties, people see it as a high maintenance feature and its better to avoid them.
  1. Safety – Young families with children are most likely to stay away from homes with pools. They are a safety hazard. So, it’s better to take precautions. Installing a railing along pool boundary or a safety net above the water help matters a lot. Automatic pool coverings and alarm systems can help tone down the safety concerns of potential buyers.
  1. Luxurious pools sell faster – Now, if you are going to do a pool, why not do it all the way. Pools that create an awesome scenic home, worthy of Architectural Magazines, will certainly be loved by the high-value buyers. Infinity pools that stretch out are hugely popular. They have a serene element to them which, buyers salivate over. Pools in high rises also take advantage of the amazing city skyline. Usually, these pools have a reflecting visual to increase the otherwise restricted city views.
  1. Add Accessories

Yes, pools come with accessories. Luxury buyers always like more bells and whistles. And pool promises to take it up a notch. You can add a spa, a hot water jacuzzi, a whirlpool, an extended deck etc. to increase the exclusivity factor. Clients go gaga after viewing attached spas. Busy high-value buyers usually see it as a sanctuary where they can relax, get a water massage and probably sip a glass of fine wine.

Swimming pools have to be done right but, not everyone loves the idea of having a lake size pool in their backyard.

Prathibha Kokkalera

Revive Property Group

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