Open House – 7 Ways to Get the Price You Want

Open House – 7 Ways to Get the Price You Want

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Homes don’t sell themselves. An open house, if done right, can mean a world of difference between profit and best deal. Organizing an open house can mean a lot of things depending on the property. In order to secure the best deal, you have to creatively work with your agent.

So, here are 10 tips that can help you make the best first impression.

  • Clean, Clutter-Free & Organized – Its a no-brainer that squeaky clean homes with an organized layout impresses buyers. Make a good first impression with clean floors, walls, carpets, tabletops etc. Get rid of the clutter in the rooms and give a sense of space. Walkways, driveways and other pathways should all be cleaned. Power washing and scrubbing can remove years of mud from the driveway.
  • A fresh coat of paint does wonders – If the home hasn’t been painted in a few years, its worth undertaking painting. Hire a professional painting firm to complete the job before open house. And while you are at it, ensure that color palette is a please-all offend-none type. Lighting should also be kept in mind during painting.
  • Fix broken items – Open houses are all about finding something wrong to negotiate the price down. A broken light fixture or faucet can be a deal breaker. Don’t give your guests a chance to nitpick. Small aspects like electrical fittings, shower curtains, broken tiles in backsplash etc should all be fixed prior to open house.
  • Stash your photos someplace else – When people visit open house, they visualize their future home in your home. So, give them a chance to apply their thinking. Its best to hide your personal photos, children’s toys, pets, belongings somewhere they can’t see. Let them be emotionally attached to the house without any disruption. Also, lock your valuables in a safe place.
  • Professional staging – To truly unlock the value of your home hire a professional staging company ( They add furniture, furnishings, kitchenware, bath ware and accessories to the empty homes. From fresh flowers in vases to fresh towels in the bathroom, these guys know their job. The results are often staggering with sellers getting significantly higher bids compared to an empty house.
  • Spread the word – Open house must be marketed right. Apart from the agent channels, homeowners must make listing visible on MLS, through flyers, neighbors, Craigslist, online portals and more. Signs should be put up at relevant places in the home. Let people find your home.
  • Feedback – When people leave your home, you can collect valuable feedback. Hear what visitors have to think about the open house. Discuss the pros and cons of every aspect of your home. Be ready to answer their questions and before leaving try to get contact numbers. In case, your agent is undertaking the event, you should probably stay in the background and let them handle it properly.

Open houses are the norm in most category homes. When it comes to luxury homes, open houses are a whole different ball game. Professionally managed open houses have more chances of success. However, people organize open houses on their own as well.

Prathibha Kokkalera

Revive Property Group


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